Healthy Relationships


Healthy Relationships & RESPECT

While ABBA and The Mu Crew focus on spreading prevention messaging, the groups are all inclusive and anyone regardless of HIV status is welcome to join either group. In addition to the community offered by the Mpowerment programs, ARC Ohio also offers the Healthy Relationship program for individuals who are already HIV Positive.


Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationships program offers a supportive environment where they can work through and discuss issues surrounding disclosing their HIV status to other individuals with an emphasis on sexual partners. This group of individuals have a safe and confidential setting where they can engage in conversation about sex, dating, disclosure and meeting other positive gay men. For more information please contact ARC Ohio’s Dayton Office at (937) 461-2437 ext. 2014.



Are you a gay, bi, curious or transgendered and sexually active male? Do you have, or wonder if you have HIV or other sexually transmitted infections? Do you have a partner who is HIV positive? Have you ever traded sex for drugs or cash? Do you have many sex partners? Do you avoid condoms? If you answered YES to any of these questions, we encourage you to get tested the RESPECT way.

Respect is an individual level HIV prevention counseling education service focusing on a person’s unique, personal risk. This program test individuals for HIV who are at the greatest risk of HI infection and developing a plan to reduce risk. The counselor will follow-up with the client with-in 60 days to assess the risk reduction. Please Contact Gwen Reynolds, ARC Ohio’s Dayton Office at (937) 461-2437 ext. 2014.


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